No Breeze (single)

by angel falls

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Recorded July 2015 at Spare Room Studios, W 7th Street, St Paul, MN, USA.
All songs by Dan Ballek and Paul Lopez
All songs (c) 2015 AngelFallsMusic LLC (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.


released August 3, 2015


all rights reserved



angel falls Saint Paul, Minnesota

Angel Falls is Dan Ballek, (ex-Mr K's Dream) and Paul Lopez (The Shoegaze Collective, Sana Obruent and Spell 336).


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Track Name: No Breeze
You hide me in your shadows and never see me there
I know you hear my questions but still you just don’t care
Ceaseless innuendo and still you won’t respond
You always know you’re right especially when you’re wrong

The honesty you save for all who come along
Always put aside for them but for me it’s always gone
And I’m standing in your darkness surrounded by debris
That blows away with just a kiss but still there is no breeze

Wasted words in your clueless mind dark clouds in between
The storm looks far but it’s so near and things ain’t what they seem
I know this is what you desired I guess you finally won
You think you’ve got it all together but now it’s come undone

The honesty you save for all who come along
Always put aside for them but for me is always gone
And I’m sick of all this darkness and tired of this scene
Playing out inside my head it’s finally time to leave

So I’ll walk into the brightness and never touch the ground
Leave you silently behind and never make a sound
Track Name: Anonymous (acoustic version)
Peaceful days, quiet nights
Cheerful memories of a happy life
Idle weeks, careless years
Left the anger behind, no more fears

After all of this time, I got this far
Even when these things got so bizarre
Still I’m here another day
I wouldn’t have it any other way

Everything is clear for me, everything I want to see
I finally understand

I still remember how it used to be
A rollercoaster ride of ecstasy
There’s only so much of it I could take
No more bending I was going to break

Nothing special nothing dear, walk away and leave it here
You’ll never understand
Everything is clear to me, this is all I want to be
Anonymous again

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